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    Page doesn't display correctly in Draft process

    JamieATL Level 1

      Any page on our new site looks fine in Contribute CS 6.5 when browsing the site via Contribute or when editing the page in "Edit Page" mode; but when we send a page for review, the Publisher sees PHP errors and no page is displayed. The same PHP errors are seen if the Publisher returns the draft. If we publish the page, it looks fine. It seems like the display issue is only in this one specific mode of Contribute. Does anyone have any advice about why Contribute would display a page fine in Browse or Edit states, but not when browsing a Submitted or Returned Draft? Here's what the page looks like when I open it from the Draft Console:


      Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.31.49 AM.png


      This happens on any page, from any Contribute Writer, to any Publisher.