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    XMLConnector not working with IE

      I have an XMLConnector that I wish to trigger (i.e., download the xml file again) every 5 seconds. It works fine on Firefox, but doesn't work on Internet Explorer.

      What happens on IE is that it works the first time, but every following time I trigger it, it simply doesn't call the "afterLoaded" even on the dataGrid I have bound to the XMLConnector. Refreshing doesn't help, but opening a new browser windows causes it to work as does closing & reopening IE.

      I suspected it might be an issue where the XML file is being cached, so I tried to set the url (prior to every trigger) to be the name of the php file I'm calling plus "?[the date in milliseconds]." That approach had helped in the past when I was trying to display a jpg that would dynamically change, and was having it not change due to caching.

      Any ideas?