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    Injecting data into a dropdownlist


      I need to create a LiveCycle Form, with a variety of different field types, that meets the following requirements:


      • It needs to be fill-and-print
      • All user-entered data must be encoded into a PDF417 2D Barcode
      • There must be a table where the client can add rows if need be (EG: a table with 3 rows to enter all your children, but you need to enter 4 kids, you click "Add Row" and you can enter another one)
      • A drop down list that refreshes its info from an outside datasource when downloaded, but is otherwise static (populated once, then disconnected from datasource, but keeps the current info as its items)


      Example for last one: I download the pdf form from a website and the drop down list is populated with info currently in the database (for example all the current employees . I save the form on my usb stick, go on a trip (no Internet available), open up the form on my laptop and have the same data in my drop down as when I downloaded the pdf, even if some employees were fired or hired. So if I downloaded the pdf and the current workers were Bob, Phil and Fred, there'd still be Bob, Phil and Fred in my form later on, even if Sally was hired in the meantime.


      Is there a way to include all these into one form? I mostly need help with the last one, the first three are listed for the purpose of being detailed.