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    Movie logo workflow ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I have a "movie logo" or production logo that I am using in my home bicycle movies.   Not sure that is the right term, but you know how when you watch a movie there are often some animated logos up front.   This one came from an After Effects template, some audio clips, a still shot, etc. in case that matters.   


      What is the proper workflow for using the logo?   I have a separate PP logo project with a sequence that lays everything out.   What I have been doing is exporting the logo into a video clip and then importing the resultant clip into my bicycle movie projects as an asset, placing in a sequence, etc.   Assuming that is correct, would you encode the logo in various formats that match the ultimate exports (e.g. H.264 720p, etc.) or encode to a master file format like DNxHD?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          There's no one 'proper' way to do this.


          I do the same as you, export out a Master AVI file for use in further projects.


          Or you can import that PP sequence into further projects.


          You can also build it in After Effects and use Dynamic Link to bring it into each project.