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    Table of Contents using a style/section from master page

    shjaredarj Level 1

      I am in over my head I think....and probably set up my document incorrectly.  Hopefully I can explain quickly where I am at:


      Question 1

      I would like a Table of Contents to use 10 section headers that appear throughout my document.  Here is how I set it up:

      • In the master page, a place for the section header and gave it a paragraph style.
      • Then, throughout the document I used the "numbering and section options" to start each new section and give that section it's unique name.

      When I went to generate the Table of Contents, I specified using that particular paragraph style that I used for the section headings, but nothing appears (except for the Title I requested for the overall table of contents).  It's like it isn't finding the sections -- or that style (which is only applied in the master page).


      Where did I go wrong?


      Question 2

      I would like my Table of Contents to not be numbered.  How do I do that?