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    Match Frame question

    DSNProducer Level 1

      I am a recent immigrant from FCP, and am still learning the functionality of PP.  In FCP, there's a Match Frame function that works by parking the playhead over a clip on the timelime, hitting F, and FCP loads the original clip into the viewer, with the viewer playhead parked on the frame matching what is on the timeline.  In PP, I have edited together a long sequence of cuts in which I inadvertantly had the incorrect audio track selected.  I'd like to pull those clips back into the viewer and overlay the correct track, and in FCP, that F function made the task very easy and fast.  The Match Frame function in PP doesn't seem to work the same way.  It seems to load only those tracks which were originally dropped onto the timeline.  I can't seem to figure out a way to pull up the entire original clip, meaning ALL the tracks available for that clip.  Sorry for this long explanation for a simple question.  Any help would be appreciated.