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    Computer issue - green/purple pixels in videos before and after rendering and bios shutdown


      I built a new desktop for editing video during the summer.  In the past week or two I've encountered some serious issues.


      Ex. A:  http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8476/8374160517_0bb791f218_c.jpg

      While  editing in Premiere or AE CS6 I've been getting these weird lines appear randomly.  If I close the program and re-open it, it'll disappear, and sometimes reappear at another point in the timeline. Really strange.  I also have active backgrounds enabled and green or purple patches of pixels will sometimes appear.  If I tell windows to go to the next background, the pixels usually go back to normal.


      BIOS blue screen shutdown

      I  could be watching vimeo or youtube or doing video editing and suddenly  get a shut down error.  It also happened while playing the CRYSIS demo,  although I had a perfectly smooth experience until that happened.


      Here are my specs:


      Windows 7 home premium

      MSI 7751 mobo

      Intel i7-3770S 3.10GHz

      16GB G.Skills Ripjaw RAM

      NVIDIA 560 Ti 1GB

      500w PSU corsair

      WD 1TB caviar black HD

      Asus xonar audio card

      128 GB sandisk SSD




      Do  you guys think this is a graphics card or PSU issue?  My computer is next to a metal cabinet, but has plenty of room for air ventilation. The graphics card and CPU temps have generally been between 30-40 degrees  Celsius, and always under 50 C (even when rendering), so I doubt overheating is an issue.   Checked with HWMonitor.


      ESET Nod 32 doesn't detect any viruses