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    Exporting Multiple Files to Adobe PDF




      is there a way to exporting multiple .doc files to pdf without opening each file. say i want to export 100 .doc files to pdf, but i do not want to open 100 files. is there a way to "mass export" then into individual pdf files. i realize i could create a pdf and import all files into one pdf, but i need to keep the files separate.

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          I've branched this to its own topic and retitled it.


          Technically, the answer is no. In order to export, the file must be opened. That doesn't mean you have to open, export, and close each file manually, though. I'm sure this is scriptable, and more than likely already has been.


          If we don't hear from someone who already has a script in the next few hours you can ask over in scripting: InDesign Scripting