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    Dropdown List

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      I have a dropdown box with a list of choices. I would like the box to be larger upon viewing the list, then smaller after selection. For instance.


      One of the choices on the list is:

      Pilodunk, Rachel S.                                                 Securities and Exchange Senior Level Manager


      But I only want to see the name Pilodunk, Rachel S. after the user exits the selection. Not their title. Is this possible with javascript? I have tried the code:


      var DV=new Array("","Pilodunk, Rachel S.                                               Securities and Exchange Senior Level Manager", "Next, Name Title")


      var DF = this.getField("NameTitle");



      But it doesn't show the title because the box isn't that wide. It will show the name.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, it's not possible, but there are other ways of doing it. For example,

          you can use a button and a text field.

          The button will launch a script that will display the full name and title

          using a pop-up menu, and will then populate the text field with just the

          name when the user makes a selection.