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    How can I allow a user to control my Edge Animation using only the scrollbar?


      I have seen a few examples of an Edge Animation being conrolled by the scrollbar, and I am wondering how I could achieve the same effect.





      I have searched the corners of the internet and have found 2 or 3 different tutorials, but none of them have proven successful.


      In basic terms, I am creating an animation that involves a character getting from Point A to Point B, from the beginning of my timeline to the end.

      Rather than exporting my animation so that it plays automatically, by itself, I would like for a user to scroll vertically, and the playing of the animation moves in conjunction with the scroll bar.


      As the user scrolls from top to bottom on the scrollbar, the character in my animation moves from Point A to Point B.

      Also, if the user stops scrolling... the character will stop moving as well.


      In addition, I would like the surrounding area, outside of my stage, to remain hidden. I do not want to allow the user the ability to scroll around and see off of my designated stage area. I only want the scroll bar to act as a playhead for the animation.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you





      If you have special CSS (or other form of Code), please provide specific instructions on how to insert this code, where it should be located, what part(s) of the code should be altered, and any additional instructions on how to apply any form of coding. (Screenshots would be amazing)