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    Any way to export a book using a PDF preset?

    LittleNewsMan Level 1

      Let me first explain the workflow we have right now, and that we are slowly trying to improve upon, but nonetheless...


      I am designing a newspaper. We have two individuals who pagenate the pages, laying out the advertisements on them before sending me a packaged InDesign document of each page.


      I, right now, am going and opening each InDesign document, then dragging it into my master document, which takes some time. I then finish laying out the newspaper with copy.


      I thought recently I might instead simply open all the InDesign documents in a book and then finish laying out the newspaper from there.


      My First question though is, can you actually thread text from one text box to a text box in another document within the book? If not, is there any practical solution to this?


      Secondly, I tried exporting a book with one of the PDF presets we have created, but I only saw the two options, PDF print and PDF interactive. Is there no way to export a book as one of the pdf presets?


      I'm working on a mac on CS6.