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    CRXDE Formatting option

    Tim Goodman Level 1



      I had this question come up today about CRXDE


      There is a menu option Source > Format


      This seems to be a way to format your source, however on a JSP, it actually removes all of your margins.  Is there a way to configure the source formatting options in CRXDE?  Is there any other Source code formatting options available?



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          Kristian Wright Level 1

          It looks like the formatter works different ways depending on the type of file you're formatting.  JSP files are interperated as HTML files (I think), so when you click Format, it applies the HTML rules applied.


          To change these, open Preferences -> Web -> HTML Files -> Editor


          From what I can tell, there's only limited formatting changes that can be made there unfortunately.


          You can also type 'format' in the Preferences search bar to see where formatting for all different file types can be set.  Possibly you could force a different formatter to a JSP fie, but I'm not 100% sure...