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    Header and footer can still be edited with password security turned on. Why?

    Aaron Barbee

      One of our legal secretaries just noticed that, even after securing a document with a password (not to open, but to edit), the header/footer options are still available. We have Acrobat pro X, just as an FYI. I've never noticed this before and had no response for her concern. Obviously, if the client or other recipient doesn't have a "Pro" version (or some similar third-party product), the likelihood that this matters is minimal. But, we're curious nonetheless as to why these particular features are left open.


      Again, Bates Numbering, Watermarks, headers, footers, etc. All those items in the Tools | Pages | Edit Page Design section in Pro X are still wide open. Password security has been applied (even to a copy) to edit. Compatibility version was set for version 7. Document was saved and re-opened, to confirm application of security.


      Thoughts, anyone?