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    Project and TOC tabs in RH6


      I started using RH6. I imported an existing help file with all of the htm files etc. I began to update the names in the TOC, however in the Project tab, these are not all matching. When I added a new topic in TOC, this matched the respective folder in the Project Tab, however when I UPDATED the name in the TOC, this didn't carry over to the Project tab. Does this matter?

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          Amebr Level 4

          Changing the TOC doesn't change the topic title; the TOC is just a placeholder for the topic, and this behaviour enables you to list a topic in multiple places in the TOC with different names if necessary. For example, if you have a topic title "Field Definitions - My Widget", you might  include it in the TOC in one place as "Field Definitions - My Widget". But if you also want the topic to display in a folder called "Field Definitions", you might want to change the name here to  be just "My Widget".


          Additionally, if you change your topic title in the topic, the TOC does not update to match the new title.


          If you want your topic title and TOC entries to always match, you will need to change in both places.