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    Playback is entirely broken in CS6 and Elements


      I have a frustratingly persistent problem: When I hit space or "play" to play my timeline, nothing at all happens.


      This happens regardless of what files I put in the timeline (it even happens if the timeline has just an audio file or a photo). The program lets me put clips into the timeline, render them, and scrub through them manually by dragging the slider. It just won't play the timeline.


      The problem only began after I'd already used the program normally for about an hour. And bafflingly, every now and then—twice so far in my few dozen attempts to use the program—this problem disappears and the timeline plays just fine.


      An Adobe Support employee used screenshare to try fixing the problem by creating a root user account for me, but using it changed nothing.


      Technical details:

      • New iMac 27" with a clean install of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2
      • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 (problem occurs with both)


      Fixes I've tried:

      • Logging in as root
      • Replacing com.apple.audio.AggregateDevices.plist by deleting/renaming it (I don't have the file)
      • Replacing com.apple.audio.AggregateDevices.plist by creating an aggregate device with Audio MIDI Setup (does not create file)
      • Repairing disk permissions, repairing disk, then trying all the above
      • Installing new NVIDEA driver
      • Uninstalling and re-installing Premiere


      My problem seems very similar to another user's unresolved reported issue: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4822956 I've messaged that user asking if they found a solution, but received no reply.