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    Dave’s Monster Video Editing Computer Build

    Dave Dugdale

      Just as a way to say thanks to all those that helped me on my first computer build, I created a video to share. I thank Harm at the end of the video.


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          Love the video.


          Just finished my first build and the last comment "may only take a few hours to build but it will take a lot longer to install the software" so true (at least for me).


          Thanks for the video,


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            Alex - DV411 Level 2

            Second James on it, great video - looks like you were having boatloads of fun building your monster.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I am no expert by far, but have seen my husband build honderd of pc's over the years.

              Where is the anti static wristband/mat?

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                Great video, I enjoyed that and it gives me the confidence to perhaps try a self build at some stage in the future.

                Enjoy the new machine

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                  Averdahl Adobe Community Professional

                  Great video Dave!


                  I compared off loading times with SDHC cards, USB2 vs USB3, and with my old Class 4 cards the difference was close to zero. With my Sandisk Extreme Pro it was night and day. So, to get the real benefit of USB3, get faster cards. I assume that you already have faster cards though, but if you don't and wonder why the difference is minimal the answer is slow cards.


                  Btw, i have seen your videos for DSLR cameras and love them!



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                    Dave Dugdale Level 1





                    Yes I was using a 95MB/s SD card for that test. 20MB/s for USB2 and 90MB/s for USB3.

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                      RjL190365 Level 5



                      It also depends on your card reader. Some USB 3.0/UHS enabled card readers disable UHS completely when connected to a USB 2.0 port. Mine didn't; thus, I got closer to 35 MB/s on USB 2.0 and 94 MB/s on USB 3.0 with a "95 MB/s" SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC card.

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                        UlfLaursen Level 2

                        Thanks for sharing Dave - was fun to watch :)



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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          Thanks for sharing Dave. I appreciate it.


                          I also sent you a PM.

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                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                            Looks similar to my system (on the inside). I went with the GTX670 but of course the 680 is a better board. The savings on the card paid for another feature I wanted.


                            I spent a lot more, but I didn't have to build it, ADK did it for me, and they tested it. Extensively. They also loaded the Creative Cloud but that was just a little extra that had to be done in order to make sure it all worked.


                            I don't see your results posted to PPBM5.com - I was hoping to see how it all worked out in the end. I figure your score should be pretty close to mine (Stven Gotz) if you are running CS6. If you arranged your drives correctly, then just above mine a bit.


                            By the way, I want to mention the production values on the video. I understand that you are a photo and video guy, but still, the lighting in the situation was extremely well done. Achieving the high quality audio is something I can do, but the lighting is something I have not yet invested in because outdoor photography and video is the bulk of my fun. However, the more I see videos like yours, the more I think it is time to invest in some decent lights. From what I can tell, you diffused it very nicely but it seems like there had to be an awful lot of light, or a very large softbox (or two)?


                            The shadows are just so soft, and your face is so well lit. I figure you shot it with a DSLR because of the DOF being deep enough to get everything in but the wall behind you is slightly out of focus. Just as it should be, of course.


                            I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched a few minutes of a review between the T4i and the 60D. I am not interested in either (I am happy with my choice of the Panasonic GH3), I just wanted to see if the videos were something I really wanted to subscribe to. At 2:04 in your video, I got a bit of a laugh. I spent a lot of time shooting water with long exposures on my vacation to Hawaii, and you showed a nicely shot image of water running over rocks while you were discussing really fast shutter speeds. The image was unrelated to what you were talking about, but because I have been studying and practicing that type of shot, the disconnect caught me by surprise and elicited a laugh. I am a newbie at photography. A raw beginner. But I have probably 20 hours of practice with water shots now. My favorites are the really, really long exposures.


                            Exposure: 1/2 sec

                            ISO 200, f/20, focal legnth 41mm (translates to 85mm for a 35mm camera)


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                              Dave Dugdale Level 1

                              Thanks Steven,


                              I use two small softboxes and one very small LED light for that video.


                              I have some more testing and tweaking to do before I post my results to the benchmark site.


                              I have learned a ton over the past couple of days from all the testing I have done.