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    Problem when importing swf files into AE


      I'm working in Flash Pro and After Effect for my personal short.

      Basicly, I draw all the animation in Flash and output it in SWF format, then import them into AE for post-compositing so I can take advantage of the vector basiced image quality.

      But here I found a really strange problem.

      Some of my animation, which plays well in the player, has gone missing in AE. Literally, it disappears. At the begiinning it was there but the second half was gone. OR the first half is empty, but everything comes back in the second half.

      I re-opened the program and re-exported the animation many times, but it didn't work.

      I turned all frames to KEY frames, it didn't work. and all my animation is on the MAIN timeline. there's no nested animation inside.

      I also tried to copy frames that went missing in AE to a NEW flash project, and output in a new name jusr for that part. But it's still the same: missing in AE.

      I can't figuring out why and it's driving me crazy.

      Anybody happens to have any idea?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Long description, no real info. Sorry to be so harsh, but you're leaving out all the important parts like what versions of the programs, what system, what framerates, what makes up the layers in your SWF, what your SWF export settings are, whether there is audio involved anywhere and all those other annoying little details....



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            Kuon90 Level 1



            It's Adobe Flash Pro CS6, After Effects CS6. They're on mac os X.

            Frame rates 24fps, both in Flash and AE.

            All vector shapes created in Flash, in JPEG and PNG images. No nested symbols.

            SWF file is created by Cmd+Return keys...No audio.

            AE composition is 1920x1080(1.0).

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, sounds so far bog standard stuff. Do any of your images have anything odd going with color profiles? Flash would just ignore them, but AE may somehow see that information. Also are there things like Flash's belnding modes or live layer styles involved? This might cause issues in an environment without hardware acceleration...