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    Disable Multimedia Measuring Tool

    Jo_2005 Level 1



      I have a 3D pdf of a model and the measuring tool needs to be disabled before sending to the end user.


      There is a script to disable tool buttons from the javascript reference

      eg app.hideToolbarButton("Hand");

      but this is a folder level script and will not be functional when sending to an end user off site as it requires to be placed on the hard drive.


      Can anyone please advise if there is a script to disable a tool button which is not a folder level script?


      Also I need to find the name of the button.


      I have used the listToolbarButtons script to find the name of the 3D measuring tool and the console replies:



      [cName:Multimedia, oChildren:[[cName:endMultimediaGroup],[cName:3D],[cName:RichMediaFlash],[cName:RichMediaS ound],[cName:RichMediaVideo]]]


      1. Can anyone advise which one of these the 3D measuring tool would be?




      I know that for end users who only have reader that the measuring tool is not activiated if the pdf is not reader enabled, its to disable the tool button for end users who have the full version of adobe that is required.


      Any assistance to disable the 3d measuring tool would be most appreciated.