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    from AI to ASE

    iron.lady Level 1

      please i need some help (im new in this illustrator thing)... how do i save a AI. or a PAT. file as an ASE?? i mean  how do i convert a AI or a PAT. into a ASE. file?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Hi! I'm a little stumped why this question was posted in the Fireworks Exchange extensions forum, when it seems to be about Illustrator…


          If you're looking to convert a set of Illustrator swatches to the .ASE format, then I'd suggest doing so within Illustrator. You can use the Swatches panel to load the swatches as a library (from within the panel's options fly-out menu), and then choose "Save Swatch Library as ASE…" to save them in the desired output format.


          I'm not sure about exporting a .PAT file. Is that an Illustrator pattern format or is it for Photoshop? In either case, I don't know whether it's convertible to an .ASE format, though you could certainly try. Load the file into the appropriate panel of the application that it belongs with, then look to see what the available export options are.