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    Audio working on some video but not others


      I'm having audio issues with a set of videos that had previously been working absolutely fine.  I imported them into Premiere Pro (CS6) to do some work on them and ever since then the sound hasn't worked at all.  The raw footage will play video but there is no sound.  I've tried playing it with through VLC, Adobe Media Player, Quicktime, Windows Media Player and still nothing.  I can see the sound bars moving but I can't hear anything.  I have this footage saved in three different places (2 external drives and disc) and none of the footage works on either of my computers.  The other thing is that previously encoded footage is now not working.  I don't understand what is happening because all my other footage is working absolutely fine - footage from the same source, in the same format, with the same codec.  If anyone can help it would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks.