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    How do I save my file using InDesign CS6 so that it can be opened with CS5?


      I know other people asked similar questions but I can't find anything that helps me figure my issue out.


      Basically, I packaged my file using InDesign CS6. When I sent it to the person it needed to be sent to, she couldn't open it. She was running CS5.


      So now I'm trying to REpackage it still using CS6 but when I make an IDML version and try to package it, it says that I need to SAVE it. Well the only options are CS6, which I can't use again, and another IDML version. If I did the IDML it would just save it as another untitled document and then I'd have to start all over.


      Actually I just tried that, and InDesign crashed.


      Any suggestions?