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    What video file can i apply blue screen effects to?


      I created a video with webcam, powerpoint, and switched back and forth between slide views, camera views, combo views etc. It all worked great. I save it and re-open it and it works great.


      Then i opened the following file (windows media audio/video) in a different program (Magix) to apply some blue screen effects. "My adobe presenter video projects/folder name/mt/presenter_video1


      I add the blue screen effects in Magix and then I saved the result back in presenter in the same place with the same name (making sure the data rate/bitrate and frames ps are the same settings as the original). I open presenter again (record/open project) to view it and it looks great - my blue screen addition shows up fine.


      Then to publish on Vimeo - I click the "record" button in powerpoint, re-open the video (open project) - check to see that it looks great with the blue screen effects - then click the "publish" button and upload to vimeo. The upload works and my video is on vimeo - but the blue screen effects have disappeared.


      Is "publish" mode pulling a different webcam video file than the one i modified?


      I'm stumped. Thanks.