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    Indesign CS5.5 Problem layer with video with ipad and share video in a swf file on web


      Hi Everyone,


      I have two problems:


      I'm just working on my portfolio


      - I've a page with 3 layers (Cover, Video, base) I'd like that the "cover" layer hide part of the video when it's playing. With a preview as SWF file it's working fine but when i try the preview for ipad or upload on a device when the video start it stay on the top.

      So doesn't "respect" the layer order. Why? how is that possible?


      - I created and exported my portfolio as .SWF with also html file. In this portfolio there are 2 Video File (.mov .m4v) when i try the preview in local they work fine, but when i upload the portfolio with the resourse files and all other file created, i share it and all the aniamtion works fine exept the video. They doesn't show up. Why?

      I mean all the folder ar shared, i don't want everytime download the folder in my desktop to watch also that video.

      How can i do that?

      I just want to share a portfolio with inside video.