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    Aspect Ratio wrong in sequence imported from FCP


      I'm a reasonably experienced user of Final Cut who intends now to migrate to Premiere (leaving the sinking ship?) So, at present, I'm trying to import current projects from FCP into Premiere using XML.


      The result for a large scale and pretty advanced project was disasterous losses, so I've decided to start with a much smaller project, which contains a single sequence in the same format as the media, 20 or so HDV 1080p25 clips, and a handful of wav sound files. The result is better, but there are two problems I've encountered:


      1. When I open the sequence in the timeline the aspect ratio, which should be 16:9 is squashed in to something more like 4:3. Opening a clip from the bin in the source monitor does not have this effect, but I can't work out how to rectify the change of aspect ratio when the sequence is playing in the program monitor. - Any tips?


      2. The audio file icons in the project imported into Premiere are unlinked. When I try reconnecting them, Premiere says it can't because of a 'header error'. - Any clues to what this means and why it should be?