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    AIR into AirPlay


      I'd like to develop an app that can run cross-platform on PC, Mac, iOS and Android allowing the user to select from locally held music files and play them out to any AirPlay-enabled device (speakers, Apple TV, etc.) in the vicinity.  Is this feasible with Adobe AIR? 


      As I understand it I would need to implement Bonjour to find local AirPlay-enabled play-out devices, then use the RTSP/RTP part of this unofficial AirPlay spec to enable and control playback.  I Googled around for some pointers to get me started but have found very little in the way of examples or even questions/discussions about doing this kind of thing with AIR.  As I'm new to ActionScript I was hoping to avoid some of the low-level heavy-lifting.


      If anyone knows of any samples/documents that would help me get started that would be great.  Or have I overlooked some limitation which makes this approach impossible?


      Thanks in advance for any input.