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    Pemiere CS 6 doesnot support P2 ?


      I want to confirm that Pemiere CS 6 doesnot support P2 mxf files.


      Yesterday I installed CS 6 and could not get a CS 5.5 project to play correctly. It kept getting out of sync. This project worked without issue in CS 5.5. The video files that have issue are P2 HVX 200 DVCpro50 720p24PN, it is important to note it was the Panasonic "native" video. Interesting DVCpro50 files 1080-60i play well.


      I made a test project and linked many different types of files but still had issue with the 720p24PN files. I even tryed to transcode to a Quicktime with media encorder and had the same problem. Playing the footage in the Premiere media browser, importing it, playing it in the source window and finally playing it in a squence had sync issue with video and audio.


      My workaround was to transcode in Prelude. Amasingly playing the same footage in ingest stayed in sync. Nexted I transcoded to P2 movie, with encorder in the background, sent the footage to Premiere and the footage played and worked great.


      Please advise me if it is correct the P2 files do not work in Premiere CS 6.




      Premiere CS 6

      Windows 7

      HP 8600

      Nvidia FX 4800

      8 gigs ram