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    Quicktime export not available all of a sudden

    steve graniere

      After years of exporting to Quicktime from my timeline in Premiere CS5 I suddenly do not have Quicktime available as an export option. I have the latest version of Quicktime loaded and have not made changes to it in a while. I found a fix on the Forum that suggested modifying the AddExportList.txt file:


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS6\txt


      Save an original copy somewhere else. Copy/Paste or delete as necessary to make the new file look like this:


      # MediaCore Plugins


      # AME Plugins





      # AME Plugin Formats



      H.264 Blu-ray



      Hit save and restart AME



      which I tried and it worked temporarily. Quicktime was suddenly available but after exiting the program and re-starting the Quicktime the option was missing again. When I try the technique of modifying the AddExprtList.txt it no longer works. A day later I try the technique and it does work, but only temporarily again.

      I have the suite installed on another computer and everything is fine so I and tried copying the AddExportList.txt file from that machine but that did not work either.

      Any suggestions?