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    Premiere will import only first 99 layers of PSD file?


      I am trying in import a PSD file into PRPRO but only the first 99 layers (all images) will import. Is there a limit to the number of layers you can import into PRPRO from a PSD?


      My work around was just to duplicated the PSD file, rename it, deleted the first 99 layers, and imported the rest of the images. It worked, and was simple enough to do, but added additional steps to the process.


      And since I'm on the topic of importing, the images do not import into PRPRO in numerical order in thumbnail view. List view, yes; thumbnail view, no. The layers are in numerical order in PS. I will get chuncks of layers in numerical order but not all of them. The first thumbnail will be, for example, number 25-65, but then will go through numbers 1-24; then 85-99; 66-84, etc. Just wondering if anyone would know why it does this. Is there a way to list thumbnails numerically after the fact without having to highlight, drag and drop to achieve this for future reference?


      Thank you