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    Importing AE projects into an existing AE project but keeping the link?


      I know you can import AE projects into existing projects but what about retaining the link to the imported project so if you decide to edit it, it will update the project you are working on.   In Maya it's referencing.



      Stringing out a video in Premiere.   I converted PSD files over to AE projects in the timeline.  Separately I created an animated background in AE.   If I import the background AE project into the individual AE files created from the PSD files, everything works fine as it should.  The issue arises when I want to tweak the background.  Now I have to do that for all of the generated AE project files.   It would be easier for me to tweak the background AE file directly and it refreshes in other linked projects using the same background.   I know I could render out a movie of my background each time I tweak it and the AE projects will update when that movie is updated, but extra steps are involved whereas keeping the links between the projects would, I think, be beneficial?