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    Import responses?

    John Burbidge

      Via the Export/Import Design File feature I now have identical forms in two different AFC accounts.  Is there a way to copy the responses from one account/form into the other account/form?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          You should be able to use the application's copy/paste functionality to copy responses between forms. You can use multiple browser windows/tabs to sign into FormsCentral with your different user accounts, open the forms, and copy the content. Let me know if you have any trouble with that.




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            Is it possible to copy multiple cells from an Excel spreadsheet and paste into a new row in a FormsCentral table?

            I have copied cells B2 through M2 from spreadsheet and pasted into blank row in FormsCentral (matching headers), however the contents of all 12 copied cells are copied into each cell in the FormsCentral table.


            If I want to add data to the FormsCentral table in this way, do I need to copy and paste each cell individually one at a time?


            Thanks in advance....