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    Can you make a pdf accessible in any language?


      I need to make accessibe pdfs in german, spansh and japanese. Is this possible? Also how do you get the read aloud function to work.



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          a C student Level 3

          If I understand your first question correctly, you can set the Default Language in Document Properties - Advanced tab - near the bottom of the window under Reading Options. Any text that departs from the default language should be marked appropriately using the Language property of the associated container tag (in the Tags panel, right-click the tag, select Properties, then the Tag tab, set the Language).


          Read Out Loud is on the View menu, at least in Acrobat X. You have to "Activate" it, then either "Read This Page Only" or "Read to End of Document". Please post a follow up if it is giving you trouble.


          Hope this is helpful.