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    Sharing to DVD or Blu-ray Disc

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          Does Premier Elements have the ability to burn more than one project to a DVD at a time? I've published projects to a folder and then burned them using Toast but I would like more control over the menu screen than Toast provides.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            If your use Premiere Elements DVD files to a folder you'll get a VIDEO_TS folder which includes the menu you created in Premiere Elements. It has nothing to do with the software you used to burn the file to a disc. And you can burn off as many copies of that VIDEO_TS folder as you want.


            Do you need more options than Toast or Premiere Elements offers? There are third-party software options (Sony's DVD Architect Studio is the best, and most affordable at $39) that take the finished video you created in Premiere Elements and create as multi-layered, complex, animated or customized menus as you'd like.


            Are you just looking for a way to make multiple copies of a DVD created by Premiere Elements or are you looking for a dedicated disc-authoring app that works along with Premiere Elements?

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              If you have multiple Projects, and wish to combine them onto one disc (DVD-Video, or BD), then you would not author to Disc in any of those Projects. Instead, you would Export/Share/Publish each Project's Timeline as, say a DV-AVI file. Then, in a new Project, those output files would be Imported, and arranged, as required. Chapter Markers could be added, say between each of those Project's output files, to allow navigation to them. Then, the authoring with the necessary Menus would be done, and finally, that "master" Project would be burned to Folder, or to Disc.


              As Steve points out, one will have much more control with a full-featured authoring program, such as Sony's DVD Architect. In that case, the user would output that "master" Project's combined Timeline to the necessary format (assume MPEG-2 DV, but Steve can give you the exact and best settings). That output file would then be Imported into the authoring app., for the navigation and Menus.


              Good luck,



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                Jumpcut 68

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                När jag ska dela ett projekt till mapp eller skiva så processar datan som den ska, får meddelande att filen är bränd eller ligger på mapp.

                Problemet är at det finns inget. Det är tomt !

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                  When I'll share a project folder or disc, process the data correctly, the message that the file is burned or is on the folder.

                  The problem is at it's nothing. It's empty!


                  Kan du använda bränna till mapp, i stället för Bränn till skiva?


                  Detta kommer att skapa en VIDEO_TS mapp med de nödvändiga filerna inuti. Testa den mappen med DVD-program spelare för att se om det fungerade.




                  Can you use Burn to Folder, instead of Burn to Disc?


                  This will create a VIDEO_TS folder with the necessary files inside. Test that folder with a DVD software player, to see if that worked.