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    Publish as .pdf


      I have instructors wanting to publish as a .pdf file instead of publishing the large folder full of files. I have 2 questions.


      How do I explain the difference between this interactive ".pdf" (more like a .swf) file as opposed to the Save As > .pdf format that would  be used for say a printed handout?


      Also, with Presenter 8, what would be the limitations of this .pdf file (audio, animations, bells & whistles) that might not work in this ".pdf" published file as opposed to just publishing the entire folder.


      Thank so much for the help in clarifying these things for me.

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          Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee



          As you correctly said, "Save As PDF" is used to create handouts or static content. There is no interactivity to the PDF content then.

          Whereas if you publish from Presenter to PDF, we publish to SWF and embed the SWF inside PDF. Thus all the interactivity is maintained.


          There are no specific limitations to PDF publish. All the resources like audio, video etc are embedded inside PDF and hence available when played in PDF file.




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team.

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            The attachments function will not work in PDF, and reporting is limited to just showing that someone accessed the PDF (no quiz interactions will be reported). Otherwise the PDF is a single page document that plays the Presenter Presentation within it


            If they are just looking to have a local playback version of the Presentation, then this is a great solution. Just tell them to press Ctrl+L to have the presentation go full screen.

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              1leona Level 1

              You are correct. It does appear that most features work. However, I haven't been able to get the attachment feature to work in the .pdf publish. Could you check into this? For some reason, in the publish as .pdf option any attachments do not appear. At least I'm not seeing the paperclip icon.

              thanks much.


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                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                The attachments function will not work in PDF.


                You can look to use the portfolio feature of Acrobat to bind multiple files together.