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    Problems with baggage files

    TMSpats2 Level 1
      I seem to be having quite a problem with baggage files in RH6. I did not have any problems with baggage files in RH X5 at all. This particular project I am discussing was converted from X5 and is about 250 pages. These are some of the issues I have encountered:

      1. Baggage files have an X through them and are tagged as missing when in reality, they are there. I've read some of the posts on that issue and have to say, I have encountered some of the same iproblems. I renamed the file, attached the new file where it was supposed to be and the new file works fine. If I then try to delete the old file that RH could not ....no luck.
      2. When I add baggage files to my projects, compile, and then try to view the baggage files from View Primary Layout, they will not open. I have to actually go to the Help folder and open the start page from there. Then the baggage files open in the right pane of the Help window. This is a real pain.
      3. Although the baggage files open, now I seem to be having a problem with those. For example, I created several Excel spreadsheets with about 6-8 tabs each. I added each file as a baggage file, added a TOC page for each, and linked each TOC page to the appropriate spreadsheet. When the first TOC page (linked to a baggage file) is clicked on in the Help TOC, the spreadsheet opens in the right panel of the Help window and looks great. I click on each of the tabs and they display fine. Now, when I click the next TOC page, each time I click on a tab in the displayed Excel file - the tab disappears. The same thing happens for each Excel file after that. I have to close the Help system and open it again to start all over again.

      I don't know if this is an Excel problem or a RoboHelp problem. I would really appreciate any assistance you might have on this. I am sure our clients are not going to like this at all. We have tried it on several different computers and it does the same thing.