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    Indent first line of all paragraphs in inDesign CS5?

    The Northeastern

      I am working on layout for my University newspaper. I have 4 stories I am trying to add from Word Documents that are not indenting properly.


      The copy/paragraph style I have is Paragraph Style 1 + next: [Same style] + Baskerville + tracking: 10 + rule above weight: 0 pt + rule above right indent: 0.125 in + rule below weight: 0 pt + rule below right indent: 0.125 in + text width rule below + rule below + Grid Alignment: Baseline


      It works great for almost every story except for 4. It will indent the first line on the first 3 paragraphs, but the rest it will not. I have tried changing the indention settings, tried manually indenting, nothing is working. I have also tried checking the formatting of the word docs to see if there is something different on them than the others. Can anyone give me any assistance on finding the problem?