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    Double-charged, 3 support tickets in and still trying to get refund, please help!


      Could someone point me towards an Adobe support manager/supervisor with an email address? I believe the support chat employees may be causing more issues than resolution in my case.


      My issue: On 12/26/12, attempting to reactivate an existing subscription, I was double-charged and ended up with two active subscriptions (the re-activated one and a new one). I have spent the last 3 weeks attempting to get this corrected to one active subscription and the second charge refunded, and it appears that on 1/03/12 I received an email saying that I was being refunded, but a couple weeks later I still see no funds in my bank account.


      What should I do? I feel like I'm on this wild and crazy goose chase to get my $80.46 back. Every time I open a support ticket (I'm on my third one right now) I end up calmed by statements of 'I truly understand your problem' and then no follow up or resolution, the support technicians don't seem to comprehend me, leaving me very confused and frustrated, it's a mess!


      The last person (a couple hours ago) said he couldn't help me and that he would escalate the issue - At this point, would I be best off to ask my bank if they can cancel one of the two charges? I'm digging around for a support email, in an attempt to circumvent the live chat technicians and get to someone who will understand me, but I can't find any way to get support from Adobe outside of that horrible live chat system.


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      I just sent the following complaint through the BBB:


      When I re-activated my Creative Cloud subscription on 12/26 I ended up with two charges on my credit card and two active subscriptions. I needed 1 active Creative Cloud subscription, but ended up with 2. Since then, I have opened 3 support tickets to fix this, and the whole ordeal has turned into a nightmare.


      - The first ticket was opened the very next morning explaining the problem and requesting the the duplicate charge to be cancelled.

      - The second ticket was opened another day later to ask when the refund would come through and to let them know I was concerned that my account showed both subscriptions still active. I was shocked when the agent said that there was no refund pending, and that I had to specifically state to her that 'I would like a refund' in order to receive one. Even after this, I don't believe she ever put in a refund request because that ticket auto-closed itself and I STILL had two active subscriptions showing in my account.

      - The third support ticket was opened today, 3 weeks later. This time the support employee said he cannot help, seemed very confused, said the product had been returned, that a refund CANNOT be issued, and that he would have to escalate the issue. The first and third people I talked to did not seem to comprehend me very well, and I almost wonder if the first or second person made a mistake somewhere that lead to all of this confusion.


      I am frustrated, don't know what to do, and have ended up paying for two subscriptions this month, one of which was not used, intended, or needed. I received an email on the third saying that funds had been released, and that it may take 5 days to receive them, but I never received any funds back in my account. The support employees I talk to barely seem to comprehend me and don't have any follow through. I don't know where to go from here. I would like to walk away with one active subscription and one refund for the second one that I was mistakenly charged for, promptly cancelled, and never received a refund for.


      I'm not certain why this has become such a complicated matter. Please, help! There is currently one open support ticket regarding this case, but I am sending this email (also sending to the BBB) because I do not feel that support employee understood my issue or what I'm going through.


      Thank you,


      Order History: [removed, shows home address] - shows 2 subscriptions for the Creative Cloud ordered on 12/26. This was supposed to be 1 subscription re-activated. I ended up with the existing subscription re-activated and a NEW subscription activated.

      Bank Statement: https://docs.google.com/a/artinreality.com/file/d/0BzKnW0Kwq75DZ1JZbFltQ01pVDQ/view - shows TWO charges on 12/26 instead of one.

      First Contact Transcript: https://docs.google.com/a/artinreality.com/file/d/0BzKnW0Kwq75DdnRic2VTWkZBdG8/view - Explaining the issue and asking for a resolution.

      Second Contact Transcript: (not saved)

      Third Contact Transcript: https://docs.google.com/a/artinreality.com/file/d/0BzKnW0Kwq75DRHY1c1pIemM3azg/view - Support employee saying I cannot receive a refund, and that he has to escalate the issue.

      Email stating a refund has occured: https://docs.google.com/a/artinreality.com/file/d/0BzKnW0Kwq75DdmNybjlHQ2pwM00/view - I found this today, but in reviewing my bank statement no funds were ever credited back to the account for RMA:0065706197.