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    variables in Captivate

      Here's a newbie question. Is it possible to capture some user entered text and display it later on in the program? For example, if the user types in his/her name and then later on in the project we could say "Hello Frank, your score is 12 out of 12".

      I do not have access to flash, I wonder if there is a work around in captivate? (I plan to publish to the web)

      Right now I am using Captivate 2 but we plan on upgrading to 3.

      Any ideas?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Noellet

          Captivate doesn't offer this functionality natively. You (and others) may wish to alert the developers to the need for this by clicking here.

          I do have in my possession a couple of files that do this. Another contributor here created them at one point and offered them for download. Unfortunately I have no idea as to who that was so I can properly attribute credit. If you shoot me an offline message, I'll be happy to send them along. Send to captiv8r (at) kc (dot) rr (dot) com.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Noellet Level 1
            Rick to the rescue again. With the announcement last week of Authorware no longer being developed, I'm back and even more interested in Captivate.

            I'll make that recommendation right now. And I'll email you too. I'm so happy to have models to learn from (and use again and again!)
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              KCWebPlaza Level 1
              An option for you is to create a Flash movie that performs a text input, whose value you assign to a variable in ActionScript. Import that movie into Captivate. Then, insert another Flash movie that reads/displays/processes that variable. It's a little tricky, because you have the Flash movie that reads the variable accesses something like 4x roots levels in the ActionScript to get to the proper level. Not my area of expertise, but that's my suggestion :)

              BTW: I'm an Authorware developer too (since version 3).
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi KC

                That's exactly what the files I've provided will do. FWIW, I'm planning on placing them up on the Captivate Exchange.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  Noellet Level 1
                  Hello all,

                  The files created in flash did the trick. I don't have flash, let alone know how to use it, but the files that Captiv8r sent worked like a charm. Great idea to put them on the exchange--I think a lot of people could make use of them.

                  Thanks everyone!