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    ID CS5.5/Acrobat X: Exporting to Interactive PDF w/FLV video and Page Curls




      I created an Acrobat Interactive PDF featuring Page Curls using the procedure found in Adobe TV link InDesign: Creating interactive PDFs with Page Turn and Flash animations.


      The procedure works as advertise, however when I try the proceedure with a FLV video embedded in the project the resulting PDF does not play the video...it only shows a snap-shot of the chosen frame as the placeholder.


      Just to be clear when the project is EXPORTED as a SWF file, and executed in the browser everything works great...page curls and embedded video plays. However when the SWF is PLACED back into ID, and then saved as an interactive PDF as the proceedure states, the video does not play. I only get a photo of the first frame of the video;  double clicking, mouse over, etc has no effect as it does in the browser.


      Anyone got any idea where I went wrong?




      Message was edited by: gpsis ADDITIONAL INFO: Just figured out that if I embed the FLV in the ID project and EXPORT as an Interactive PDF, the Page Curls are not included, but the video IS included and will play without issue. Seems as though I cannot have my cake and eat it too!...Doesn't seem to make sense to have cake if you can't eat it, does it?