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    After Effects CS6 Crash - MXF footage + Color Finesse + Keylight


      Greetings AEX Community,


      I'm fairly used to AEX crashing for no aparent reason, but the frequency of the latest series is a bit alarming, and two of the strongest plugins (SA Color Finesse/Keylight) keep crashing whenever used. I'm at a loss for where to continue with troubleshooting.


      1) I create a project in Adobe Premiere, and using Dynamic Link I replace a section of my sequence with an AEX composition.

           1a) The footage we are using is MXF - 50mbit 4:2:2 acquired from a Canon XF300.

      2) I use Color Finesse to adjust the image, primary and secondary color correction applied (we are doing chroma key work, and I find secondary helps give me a cleaner key when I can even the greens)

      3) I then apply the Keylight 1.2 filter, make the requisite adjustments, and attempt to preview my work by either moving the play head, or initiating a RAM preview.

      At this point, After Effects with either outright crash (if I touch the playhead or attempt a RAM preview), or it will wait a few seconds and THEN crash.  HOWEVER, if instead of trying to move the play head I merely save my project and go back to Premiere, the AEX composition plays just fine within my sequence.  It makes adjusting my settings extremely difficult when I can't use the playhead to look at different frames within AEX.

      This issue is highly replicable, to the point where AEX will sometimes crash while trying to load the project file.  It's clearly struggling with the previews.


      Steps taken to resolve (no success)

      - Rebooting PC, clearing temp files, checking HD space, checking for updates

      - Tried resetting all settings to default (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT), tried clearing all cache/db, changed the location of cache/db

      - Tried opening and creating the project outside of dynamic link

      - System restart/graphics driver check

      - Cursing at the computer

      - Turning off GPU rendering in AEX settings, switching to CPU


      System Specs:

      -Recently reloaded my system, clean installed Windows/Adobe, performed all updates to OS/software, and generally done little to the config that could cause a problem.

      -Intel Corei7 960, 12GB ram

      -nVidia Quadro 4000

      -Intel 256gb SSD + WD Black 2tb.

      -Cache and previews are kept on the SSD,

      I'm at a loss for where to start or go from here for further troubleshooting.  The forums are so clogged with other people experincing crashes in AEX (perhaps because Adobe rushes their development cycles and blasts out half-finished software...), it's difficult to find anything similar to what I'm experincing.  Reloading the programs is an option, but uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling is a pain, and I'd like this to be a last resort.





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          Bob Currier Level 3

          What happens if you disable either Color Finesse or Keylight?


          I'm not aware of any interactions between Color Finesse and Keylight, but it's another troubleshooting datapoint to gather.


          You might also try switching the project bit depth to see if that makes any difference.


          Bob Currier

          Synthetic Aperture

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            gregat Level 1

            Hi Bob,

            Thank you for the prompt reply, it's also nice to hear back from one of the SA staff.  I've been using your plugin for years and had great experiences with it.


            I can disable either of the plugins and the issue persists (i.e. Disable Keylight, Enable SA / Enable Keylight, Disable SA). I have also been able to replicate the issue on a second computer using the above settings (and footage), but with new project files.  I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning, footage is 720, 60P, 50mbps (4:2:2).  I'm fairly certain that AEX is capable of handling this, it has done so seamlessly in the past.  I tried with alternative footage, and the same issue arises.  On a third system in our office, all plugins and import capabilities seem to work with the same files.  This is strange on so many levels, the systems are near identical, and we all have the same versions of CS6/Windows.


            I have since been able to cause a crash simply by importing the footage, I'm going to now try uninstalling and reinstalling AEX, much to my shegrin at this point in the project.

            Updates to come.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Before you uninstall and reinstall once again, try this test first: transcode a few of the problem clips to a lossless codec.  I recommend Quicktime's PNG codec.  Then apply the effects to them again in AE to see what happens.


              The reason for doing this: your camera records in MPEG2.  It isn't a true intermediate codec, and the compression is across a group of frames rather than within a single frame.  The combination of Color Finesse and Keylight may be giving AE fits. 


              To anthropomorphize this,  AE likes to think frame-by-frame, but MPEG2 forces AE to think backwards and forwards across several frames, and it may be rebelling on you.  I hope you enjoy the technical lingo.

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                gregat Level 1

                Hi Dave,


                I tried the uninstall and reinstall, same issue persisted - I wish that I had checked your response first.   You are indeed correct, it was the MPEG2 footage that was causing the crash, hence the replicability. 


                It's a very disheartening problem given that CS5.5 didn't suffer from these difficulties, and this codec is very old and well established.  Our process has not changed, but clearly Adobe's handling of MPEG files has.  AEX's difficulties are understandable, it is doing a lot of processing, but intra-frame codecs aren't new, and if I'm having this issue on a Canon XF300 (a relatively new camera) certainly others are as well.


                I'll try to use use an older P2 camera (DVCPROHD, not AVC Intra) when chroma-keying is important.  Hopefully there will be an update that fixes the issue - in the meantime, I'll just use an intermediary.  Thanks for your reply and solution, much appreciated.  Hopefully Adobe reads this and the submitted bug reports.