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    How do you get flash builder 4.7 to activate under creative cloud?


      Recently I signed up for the Creative Cloud so I could get access to Flash Builder.  I went thru the 60 day trial with 4.6 and did all the exercises for Learn FlashBuilder in a week.  Decided to continue learning Flashbuilder and signed up for the cloud.  The application mgr downloaded and installed 4.7, however the design tab does not show up.  I experienced this with 4.6 before it was registered, so I think 4.7 is not registering properly.  When I click on the "register" item in the help menu of FB, it just logs onto the web site without doing anything back on FB.  I have repeated the cycle non-the less while closing and reopening FB in an attempt to jog its memory.


      I am running on XP with a quad proc and 4G ram. 


      I spent 2.5 hours on the support line this morning, getting transferred around until somebody told me they couldn't help becuase none of them on level 1 are trained on anything in flash builder.  They did discover that AdobeConnect doesn't work with FlashPlayer 11 debugger version.  


      After searching the forums for help, I found an article about cleaning creative cloud installation errors.  That proved to be less than useful, since the cleaner tool doesn't have an option for cleaning out flash builder.


      After uninstalling all versions of flash builder, and having creative cloud install flash builder, I have the same result.  Its installed but the design tab does not show up when viewing a source.


      I still think it isn't registered.  There are no options in the help menu to view your current license activation information.