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    Quality issues with slideshows




      I'm a long term user of PE v9 (basic editing & burning of home vids & slideshows), but I've just bought a new computer & upgraded to Photoshop & PE v11.


      The first slideshow I created (created in Photoshop & exported to PE for adding music, titles etc) had a lot of issues:


      • Some of the photos were rotated 90 degrees & stretched (which I noticed & cut out prior to burning), but more importantly,


      • The end product once burned to DVD is of terrible quality.


      I seem to recall that when I first set up PE 9 I set a project quality standard that all future projects would follow unless I changed it.  I've looked everywhere in PE 11 & I can't find where this is set.  I'm not overly technical and I'm out of ideas re: where to look to fix these quality issues.


      Can anyone help?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are actually several ways to make slideshows in Premiere Elements, Cozzie. Which method are you using?


          Have you ensured that all of your photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size?


          How are you judging the quality? Are you watching it on a TV?


          There are a number of issues with judging DVD quality on a computer monitor. For one thing, your computer monitor is many times the resolution of your 720x480 DVD. In fact, your original photos are also. So your video is going to look awful at full screen on your computer. You're also likely see interlacing (horizontal lines) on a computer monitor that you will not see on a TV. Try viewing your DVD on the VLC Media Player, which does a much better job and interpreting interlacing on a computer than Windows Media Player.


          That said, what exactly, beyond resolution and interlacing, are your quality issues?

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            CozzieA Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for your quick response.  I'm judging the quality of the DVD through playback on the TV.  I'm following the same process I've been using in PE 9 for a number of years:  I create the slideshow in Photoshop Elements (just photos, no soundtrack) which I 'output' to PE.  Once in PE, I add music to the slideshow, add a title page and burn to DVD.  This usually results in a high quality DVD when played on TV.


            This is my first attempt at the same process in PE 11 and I was surprised that the quality was poor.  Is there a way to set the quality in PE 11 or could it be the quality of output coming from Photoshop?


            Your question re: photo pixel size is interesting.  The only difference (besides the newer versions of Photoshop & Premier) is that my daughter received a new camera for Christmas which produces 24 megapixel photos and there are a number of these photos in the slideshow.


            I'd be interested in any thoughts you have, in the meantime, I'll create a short slideshow without any 24 megapixel photos and see if that makes a difference.


            Thankyou again for you help with this,


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              CozzieA Level 1

              Sorry, one more quick comment...


              The other interesting issue is that some of the photos have been rotated 90 degrees & 'stretched' to fill the screen by Premier.  Prior to export from photoshop, the photos remain the correct way around.  This has never happened to me before in Premier 9, so I'm guessing that Premier 11 is making some kind of assessment and corrections to the slideshow as it comes in????




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                CozzieA Level 1

                Quick update....


                I retried creating the slideshow as above, but with only 4 photos that I've used successfully in slideshows before.


                I'm based on Australia, so I'm using PAL - AVCHD - Full HD 1080i 25 5.1 Channel (this is the same setting as my older version of Premier, which has always worked in the past) & the slideshow DVD is played on the same TV.


                Does anyone have any further thoughts?  Is there something simple I'm doing wrong?




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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  You need to resize your photos no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size -- and you should be working in DV rather than AVCHD, since you are producing video for DVD (which is standard definition).


                  You still have not been very specific on what you mean by "quality" issues (other than resolution).


                  Can you please post to this forum a 640x480 side-by-side comparison of a screen capture from your old version's DVD and a screen capture from the new version so we can see exactly what the issues are?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As Steve points out, using Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements to do the Scaling (and Rotation for portrait Images), will yield better Images, than doing that in PrE. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4133162#4133162


                    For the Rotation, see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4160580#4160580


                    Good luck, and hope those articles help,



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                      CozzieA Level 1

                      Thanks very much fellas.  I've been flat out with work over the last few days, but I'll definitely give these suggestions a try & get back to you.


                      Thanks again,


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                        CozzieA Level 1

                        Hi again,


                        I'm not sure if this makes any diffference, but I've confirmed that my old laptop on which I've been creating high quality slideshows for many years runs Premier Elements version 7, not 9 as noted above.


                        I've run a test since my last post as follows:


                        • I setup my old laptop (PrE v7) and my new laptop (PrE v11) side by side.
                        • I checked all project settings and preferences between the 2 versions and they are exactly the same.
                        • I selected the same 3 photos from Photoshop (v7 / v/11 respectively) on each laptop and 'output' to PrE on each.
                        • Once both slideshows were in Premier Elements I observed that:
                          • Premier Elements v7 slideshow quality was crisp and high quality, both in the monitor and when burned to DVD and viewed on TV.  No photos were rotated.
                          • Premier Elements v11 slideshow was poor quality (grainy), both in the monitor and when burned to DVD and viewed on TV (unwatchable).  One photo of the 3 was rotated, stretched well out of proportion and more grainy than the others.


                        There is so much knowledge in this forum that it's scary and I sincerely thank you Steve & Bill for your advice above (which has helped me try a number of alternatives) but I can't help but think, given my side-by-side test above, that there is some kind of simple setting that I'm missing, either in exporting from PE or importing into PrE or some kind of 'smarts' that PrE v11 is applying that is affecting the quality of imported photos.  Photos used on both PCs are EXACTLY THE SAME.


                        It seems like MOYler45 ('Blurry Photos' post) is having the same frustrating issues with PrE v11.


                        Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?  I've spent so much effort on this now it's driving me mad!  I'll try anything (except my daughter's helpful advice: "why don't you just keep using the old laptop Daddy?" Hmmm.)




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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Your test took the wind out of my sails, as I was about to launch into a discussion of laptop monitor resolutions, but THEN, you pointed out that you tested with burned DVD-Videos, played on the same TV.  Thank you for pointing that out, or I'd have wasted a bunch of your time.


                          Now, I am wondering what might have changed with PrE 11. I know that many things did, but would not have thought that any would have affected straight SlideShows.


                          I think that I need to compare (it would be PrE 4.0 vs PrE 11, and also PrPro) in my case. I have PrE 11, but have been waiting on a custom 64-bit laptop to ship, before installing it. It's time to install the 32-bit version of PrE 11, and test the same type of Project. I have time next week, before one little trip to San Francisco, and hope to get something in a couple of days.


                          Please do me a favor, and let me know the full details of your SlideShow, especially the Images used, the Project's Preset (might have an issue with my older PrE 4.0?), and please pay special attention to the specs. of the "rotated" file. I'd do a short version, as close as I can, and compare my results. Maybe something major HAS changed in PrE 11, but as Steve tested it completely, prior to writing his book on it, I would have thought that he would have mentioned such a change.


                          Also, I do not have PSElements, so will only be creating a SlideShow in PrE, and PrPro (same Assets), as a test.


                          Let me know a bit more, and then give me a few days.



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                            CozzieA Level 1

                            Hi Hunt,


                            Thanks for your quick response.  I really appreciate your help with this.


                            Details as follows:

                            • Project preset: PAL/AVCHD/Full HD 1080i 25 5.1 Channel.  I live in Australia.  I know from Steve that DVD definition should use a DV preset (which I've tried after receiving this advice but this had no affect on the end result).  I've been using AVCHD preset for years with PrE v7 with the view that I can burn exising projects to a higher definition if & when I acquire a BlueRay burner, without having to rebuild the project.  This setting burns perfect slideshows on DVD with v7.
                            • Photo size: All 3 photos used are 3648 x 2736 (including the one that was automatically rotated by PrE 11 but not PrE7).  In noting Steve's advice above, I've also scaled the size of these to 1000 x 750.  This resulted in no improvement to the slideshow in PrE v11.  Again, these same photos result in a high quality slideshow in v7.
                            • I'm publishing to disk (DVD).  PAL_Widescreen_Dolby DVD.  I also usually just select 'Fit Contents to available space' which has always worked very well in v7.  I've also tried manually moving the slider to Highest Quality in v11, but this resulted in no improvement to the end product.


                            I just tried one more test in an attempt to rule out any settings there may be in Photoshop Elements v11 by adding media (a single photo) from PrE v11 directly via the folder where the photo is saved (ie no involvement of Photoshop at all).  Same grainy result.


                            Thanks again for your help with this Hunt.  I'll be really interested to hear your findings. 




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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              I still don't see the side-by-side comparison screen caputres I asked for last week. Without those, we're just dealing with subjective discussions of "quality."


                              Can you please post to this forum a 640x480 side-by-side comparison of a screen capture from your old version's DVD and a screen capture from the new version so we can see exactly what the issues are?

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                                VDOSurfer Level 3

                                Do you see any difference in quality of output if you use a DV-PAL project and import these photos instead of the AVCHD-PAL project? Just to rule out the face that the project preset does not match the exported output, which is a DVD in your case.

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                                  CozzieA Level 1

                                  Hi Steve,


                                  I'm not really technical, but here's my attempt at adding screenshots from both versions of PrE.  1st is v7, 2nd is v11. Note that (to me) the difference didn't come up too well in screenshots, though it may be more obvious to you guys.  I also tried to take a photo of the TV during playback, but that didn't work (both slideshows looked bad in the photos).


                                  Also, apologies for the face blockouts, this was a condition of permission to post the photos.




                                  Side by Side screenshot 1 PrE v7 x.jpg

                                  Side by side screenshot 1 PrE v11 x.jpg

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                                    CozzieA Level 1

                                    Here's 2 more with automatic rotation:

                                    Side by side Screenshot 2 - PrE v7 x.jpg

                                    Side by side Screenshot 2 PrE v11 x.jpg

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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                      Thanks for the screen caps, Cozzie.


                                      I'm not seeing much of a difference. Maybe a bit more vibrance in the version 7 screen cap. I don't know if I see enough of a difference to call it "terrible quality."


                                      Are both versions using exactly the same source photos? Are both using exactly the same project settings?


                                      Have you tried right-clicking on your photos on the timeline and selecting Field Order/Flicker Removal?


                                      Beyond that, I'm just not sure if there's much room for improvement.

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                                        Apple Miga

                                        Steve, Cozzie,


                                        I have EXACTLY the same problem as Cozzie!!!   Very Very frustrating.  My slideshow photos (I just posted a discussion a few moments ago) are grainy.   I burned my slideshow onto a DVD from PE11 (The slideshow appears at the end of my movie in PE 11) and It's as if I'm watching a movie from a very old VHS tape. 


                                        My slideshow is VHS quality (even worse).  For instance, people's eyeballs are so grainy, you can't even make out the eyeballs.

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                                          Apple Miga Level 1

                                          Also, PE 11 automatically rotated some of my pictures in my slideshow as well !!!!!!!  and stretched them out.


                                          Its passed midnight here and I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong, but I'm beginning to think this is a PE11 issue.

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                                            CozzieA Level 1

                                            Hi Apple Miga,


                                            I've spent literally hours on this trying all sorts of combinations of settings and ways & means of initiating a slideshow.  To my surprise & absolute elation, I finally had a partial win late last night.  I finally got the quality of the slides to be as good as I've been getting for years with PrE v7.  I haven't been able to work out the rotation & stretching of some photos yet, but I'm at least I've got good quality on the photos that didn't rotate (which is the bulk of them).


                                            Here's what I did, triggered by a comment above by VDOSurfer (thankyou VDOSurfer).  I had actually already tried setting the project settings to DV-PAL (instead of AVCHD-PAL which I'd been using successfully with PrE v7) a couple of times with the same poor results, but I tried it again in a different order as follows:


                                            • Open PrE11.
                                            • Select 'New Project' (ie not existing project)
                                            • Once the new project opens up, select File, New Project (from the file menu at the top of the screen)
                                            • Click on 'Change Settings' at the bottom of the dialog box.  I noticed here that my settings were always defaulting to NTSC/AVCHD 1080p60.  So I changed this to PAL/DV Widescreen 48kHz (I live in Australia, so if you're in the US, I guess you'd select NTSC/DV Widescreen 48kHz).
                                            • Click on the checkbox 'Force selected project settings on this project'.
                                            • Click on Add Media
                                            • I added my slideshow from Photoshop because I'd already prepared it in that product, but you should be able to add it from wherever your photos live.
                                            • Click on Publish+Share, select DVD & Disk, ensure PAL_DOLBY_Widescreen DVD is selected.  (If you're in the US, this would be NTSC).
                                            • Burn as normal.


                                            This worked very well for me.  Hope it helps.  Please let me know how you go.


                                            If anyone has any thoughts on how to stop the random rotation & stretching, I'd love to hear.  Note that photos that are rotated & stretched start off in the correct rotation in Photoshop Elements v11 prior to exporting to PrE 11.




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                                              Apple Miga Level 1

                                              Hi Cozzie,


                                              Thanks for your input.  I will certainly give that a try.....the movie I have in my project has already been edited (my slideshow is at the end of movie)....so when I select new project and change the settings, does that mean I have to re-edit my movie (or is there some way I can just copy and paste my edited movie to the new project?.....


                                              I just looked at my project settings, hoping to be able to make changes from there:

                                              Editing mode = DV NTSC  [It's greyed out and I can't change this]

                                              Frame size = 720 x 480  [Not greyed out]

                                              Pixel Aspect Ratio = D1/DV NTSC widescreen 16:9  [Greyed out]


                                              ....but it looks like I can't make  changes to my project settings?


                                              Any help is much appreciated.



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                                                whsprague Adobe Community Professional



                                                I have been following this thread with interest.  I have cut and pasted your recipe into a notes file for a future project.  Thank you for posting your solution.


                                                A few days ago I tried making a short slide show with huge RAW images from a Sony camera.  The preview and DVD were disappointing with jagged lines.  I reworked it with resized .jpg copies and it remained disappointing.


                                                I started over with new project presets with the .jpg files and results improved.  Then, with the new presets, I added back the big RAW files and results were still good.  In my case it seemed to be important to use a "p" setting instead of an "i" setting.  What worked for me so far is the the "NTSC AVCHD 1080p60 square frame" setting that you have abandon!


                                                Resizing does not seem to affect results on my computer.  Perhaps if I had lots more photos it would.


                                                The answer seems to be somewhere in the mystory world of presets and codecs. 



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                                                  Apple Miga Level 1

                                                  Hi Cozzie,


                                                  I followed your instructions on the project settings using some sample footage and what a difference.  My videos are much better quality and my picture slideshow is very clear.  They were no longer VHS quality.  I was so close to throwing PE11 into my garbage can, now i'm giving it a second chance (thanks to your tip).


                                                  Some of my slideshow pics were rotated.  I couldnt' figure out why and I know you are having the same problem.  Very frustrating.


                                                  I'm asking some members of the forum to see if it's possible to revise my project settings in an existing project.....i'm not keeping my fingers crossed....and I dread that I might just have to start from scratch by starting a "new project" with the "proper" project settings  to re-edit my hour long video, which I've already spent alot of time on to add text, effects, and menu markers.


                                                  Thanks again.

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                                                    I just started a new thread about this sorry ... I too have the blurry image problem ... or mine look scrunchy  (badly oversharpened)  .. I tried Cozzie's change of project settings to PAL/DV and unfortuately is is was worse in that images were really bad .. the people in them were unrecognisable ..


                                                    I have to say this is incredibly frustrating now ... why is it so hard to get relaly nice crisp still images ..



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                                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                      Have you followed the suggestions? Are you images no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size?


                                                      What project settings is your project using (listed under Edit/Project Settings/General)?


                                                      How are you judging the final results? Are you looking at a DVD on a TV or are you playing back a file on your computer? If the latter, what media player are you using and at what size are looking at it?


                                                      Are you comparing them to 640x480 versions of your photos?


                                                      As we keep saying, Premiere Elements is a video editing program that produces video resolution resolution -- on VIDEO!


                                                      If you're looking for a program that creates a high-resolution slideshow for your computer, you're using the wrong program. You should be using a program like ProShow Gold.

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                        From information gathered from another of your posts, in Reply # 6, above, I furnished two links to Tips & Tricks articles. One for Scaling Still Images, prior to Import, and the other on Rotation of Images, outside of PrE. I think that both will be useful to solving your problems. Take a look at the linked articles, and please report back.


                                                        Also from that other post, do not Scale your Still Images to less than the dimensions of the Project's Frame Size, and then let PrE Scale them up. A very little down Scaling can usually go unnoticed, but any up Scaling will stand out. That is why the recommendation is to generally Scale to 1000 x 750 for an SD (Standard Definition) Project, and 2000 x 1500 for an HD Project. I take it one step further, and will Scale to exactly my Frame Size. If I need to Pan on a Zoomed out Image, I calculate the exact number of pixels that I will need, and then Scale exactly to those dimensions in Photoshop. Those above dimensions are the "rule of thumb" and work well most of the time. It also allows one to dial in one percentage of Scale, and then process entire folders to those dimensions, rather than my way of handling each Image individually, saving a lot of time.


                                                        Good luck, and hope that those linked articles are helpful.



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                                                          karowich Level 1

                                                          Hi Steve


                                                          Yes I have followed all suggestions of size and none have produced a nice image..


                                                          Settings : General Editing mode HD1080i , timebase 25fps


                                                                           Video 1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical, PAR square, Fields upper front field and display formats 25fps ...


                                                          I am looking at the results on my computer and I exported a facebook version .. both were of similar quality, facebook possible slightly worse.


                                                          No I am not comparing them to a 640 x 480 version ? Not sure I understand why I would do that .. I am just comparing them to as shot and how I reduce them to view on my computer and I give to clients


                                                          I realise premiere is a video programme, but its not unreasonable to expect quality in stills .. Imovies doesn't seem to have this issue


                                                          I don't want a slideshow ... I want a video with stills mixed in ..





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                                                            karowich Level 1

                                                            Hi Hunt


                                                            Thanks for the links .. I have downloaded the manual too so hopefully I can resolve this ...


                                                            It doesn't really mention at what dpi to save the stills to .... so to view on a computer screen I usually save to 72dpi or max 96 dpi .. and this is what I have done .. maybe this is wrong ..





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                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                              In Video, DPI and PPI are meaningless. They relate to printing and to display on a computer, say in a Web page. That part of the normal Still Resolution is disregarded completely.


                                                              That is why, when one opens a PrE Menu in Photoshop, it shows 72 PPI, which was the old standard for Image display on a computer, but it could well have been almost anything, because when used in Video, it doesn't even register.


                                                              When I am Scaling for Video, my Action does not even address the DPI/PPI, and only the horizontal pixels and vertical pixels. I leave the Resolution at that produced by my camera. If I am creating a new Still (say a Title) in PS, I use the NTSC Preset for the necessary dimensions, and the PPI shows as 72 - but just for display, outside of the Video.


                                                              Also, in Photoshop, I will experiment between Bicubic Smoother (usually my end choice), and Bicubic Sharper (some images do look better with this Interpolation), and have not yet explored PS CS 6's new Bicubic Auto. Got some testing to do on the next big SlideShow.


                                                              Good luck,



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                                                                karowich Level 1

                                                                Thank you for explaining that .....


                                                                Appears I have had a win of sorts ... I process all my stills in Adobe lightroom and for this project I exported as jpegs limiting the longest side as the nikon D800 creates files with xlose to 8000 pixels on the longest side .. so this time I exported as PSD files and did the resizing in photoshop to 1920 on the longest side as that is the video longest side ... and the results are clearer .. not perfect, but maybe I am being too picky ... I just see other videos from photographers and their stills are sharp ..



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                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                  Great news!


                                                                  I have not used Lightroom, since it was in beta, many years ago. I know that it has changed dramatically since, but do not know which Interpolation algorithms it has available. I also do not know if it has the same (or similar) form of automation (through Actions, or Scripts), that PS has.


                                                                  For the output format, I also like PSD, especially as I am normally doing other processing in PS. I am NOT a fan of JPEG, and only use it, when the client insists. I want to keep things, as close to the source, as I can, so I am normally starting with my NEF Camera RAW, processing in PS, and then outputting (Save_As) to whatever formats I need - usually PSD's.


                                                                  Good luck,