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    DNxHD playback ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I just started using DNxHD to create master files of my home movies and also a movie logo I use in bicycle cam movies.   I select Quicktime as the Format, then under the Video tab select Avid DNxHD codec, make sure the parameters match my source, and export to a .mov file.   If I play a.mov file in WMP, it does play, the video is very sluggish.  If I pull my movie logo into another project as an asset, insert in a timeline, then use PP's project window for playback the movie logo is equally sluggish.   Doing a "render entire work area" improves the situation in PP.  These same projects export and playback in H.264 just fine.   I have an i7 3930, 32GB, GTX 670, RAID 0.


      For some reason I was expecting DNxHD to playback just fine given that is less compressed.  Or is that not how it works due to so much data behind the scenes?   If someone is working with DNxHD files in a sequence, do they then have to render to preview in PP?   Anyway, wondering if I am doing the right things and if this behavior is expected.