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    All options exhausted, need help. GoPro Editing Issues


      The GoPro 3 Silver edition. It's as simple as can be to shoot with and damn near impossible to edit with. I'm using Premiere Pro CS4. I've tried just about every possible method as far as workflow is concerned including StreamClip>Save as MP4 to fix the codec issues. That did not work. Whenever playing back in PPr I got a few frames but mostly green screen in both preview and timeline area. Next I tried using StreamClip>Export To> .Mov/ .Avi..Again no luck. After that I did some more reading and found out about CineForm. A must have! Right? Wrong. Cineform allowed me to convert from original .Mp4 to .Avi (though it reduced the quality a bit) and played back perfect in CineForm. When Loading these clips into Ppr some work for brief periods but essentially they all play back choppy. This is the most success I've had but editing is impossible when the frame freezes every two seconds. Ppr is using 'draft' quality playback. Additionally I've tried different presets, having found the most luck with XDCam HD. Camera footage is about 50 clips totalling out to 1-2GB of 1080p 24fps.

      System specs:

      Windows 7 32-bit

      Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66Ghz

      4GB Ram (3.50 Usable)

      GeForce 8400 Nvidia Graphics Card (512mb DDR2 I believe)

      266GB of 465GB HDD available


      Thank you in advance.