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    Lightroom 4.4: suggest new features


      I have a new feature suggestion, I have not seen it in lightroom, so if I miss it please tell me.


      Would be great to have a module or something like a layer where you can draw with like a brush (as photoshop) over the image all the fixes you want to do.  Now that we have more possibilities to create better pictures this would be great to organize the workflow.


      I didnt find any place to put this so I guess this is the place, if someone has more suggestion we can put them here so Lightroom developers can check what are our needs.


      Roberto Andrade Selibe

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom only ever has new features in X.0 or X.1 releases, so there won't be any new features before LR5. You can add suggestions at http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/products/photoshop_family_photoshop_lightro om

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            Cornelia-I Level 4

            I am not sure if I understand what you mean.


            LR has no layer concept. It just records all your instructions as metadata, to apply it when you want to look at the image or when you export it.


            Do you want to see the cumulative effect of all your develop work and compare it with the defaults it was imported with?

            Look into history panel on the left hand side of Develop module. Or use the sortcut for before/after (Y) if you want to see them side by side.



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              fotosdeapocos.com Level 1

              Sorry if I wasnt clear, english is not my birth language.  Image tells more than 1000 words, hehe, here and example, maybe layer is not the right word, maybe something like a mask or another thing.  The idea is that, in the Library module, I can draw or write over the photo the changes I would like to do later in the develop module.  I will post it also in the link Sean put before. Thanks.



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                martin-s Level 2

                Try using a small brush with for instance a negative exposure adjustment and no feather radius.

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                  Cornelia-I Level 4

                  fotosdeapocos.com wrote:


                  Sorry if I wasnt clear, english is not my birth language. 

                  Nor is it for me... or supposedly many other posters here...


                  Ah, so what you mean is an additional sort of metadata as instructions what to do later on. And you would not want to creatively 'misuse' a field like caption for that, to note down text instructions... (which would fit anyhow into your workflow if adding a caption comes later in your workflow, or never).

                  Image instructions are more easy anyhow than text instructions.

                  If you use some LR plugin which will give you more metadata fields, you will find one for notices/develop instructions, but that still can take text only.


                  Well, I consider this smart. I am just wondering if I would be quicker to actually DO these develop edits already i.o. investing time to scribble down the instruction-image?

                  At least in your example above, apart from the "eyes" I would be as quick for crop, lightening background, adding yellow by HSL


                  Do post the link to your feature request here, as this may give you more support votes.


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                    D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Cornelia-I wrote:


                    I am just wondering if I would be quicker to actually DO these develop edits

                    Exactly. In the time it would take to write those instructions down, an experienced user would have the image more or less ready. Anyway that image is severely underexposed, and a simple exposure correction would fix all those things in one go. Well, except the crop.


                    You can't start working on details and local adjustments until you have the big picture. Get the basic settings right first, then consider what else needs to be done. In addition one adjustment often affects others, so setting one often requires going back and readjusting others. That's why it's important to start broadly and narrow down as you go.

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                      Michael Montalto

                      All Adobe can do at this point for Lightroom is make the program faster, more intuitive, and streamlined.  There is a limited amount of features that the product can do before you begin moving into the Photoshop realm.


                      Lightroom is a workflow management studio.  It is a basic set of correction tools  but by FAR it's biggest advantage is it's workflow streamlining capabilities. 


                      Frankly, I don't use the map, print, book, slideshow or web modules at all because there are applications that perform these tasks better than LR currently does.


                      As an example, LR has the capability to compete with ProSelect as a workflow, RAW adjustment, and sales management (end to end) product solution but it doesn't appear that they are wanting to go that route.


                      Coudl you imagine Lightroom offering what ProSelect does in terms of creating orders, invoicing, product placement inside of rooms, layouts for albums, etc?  Other than that, in my humble opinion, LR5, LR6 and beyond should simply be nothing more than improvements on the code. 


                      LR4 was a significant upgrade in the develop module's capabilities.  I was happy to pay for that.  That being said, until LR offers me the ability to create an end to end Post Production to Sales presentation and Ordering solution it won't quite be the total package (and I'm not sure Adobe wants to do that).


                      It would be nice if they did though.  It would rock the house!



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                        D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Michael Montalto wrote:


                        There is a limited amount of features that the product can do before you begin moving into the Photoshop realm.


                        The future development of Lightroom vs. Photoshop will be interesting to follow.


                        Personally I find the dinosaur analogy hard to avoid. Photoshop is still at the top of the food chain, mighty and powerful. But I can't help thinking that Lightroom is a whole lot smarter and will eventually take over the world. I take great pleasure in discovering new things that I can do in Lightroom, which I previously went to Photoshop for...

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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If Lightroom were to have the capability to persist pixel-level snapshots of the results of an operation, this would open up the possibility of doing many Photoshop operations, where the results of one snapshot could be layered and masked against the results of another snapshot, each with its own set of parallel adjustments, or the results of a massive cloning or healing operation be persisted and not require the CPU to recompute the results for subsequent operation.


                          It’d still want these persistent snapshots to be recomputable from the original image, so any corruption of the snapshot storage would be recoverable, but in a normal situation, the persistence would help speed things up immensely. 


                          The trick would be the management of these snapshots to allow branching and merging and allowing tweaking into the middle of a particular snapshot’s adjustments, so getting the UI right would be important, but I could see Adobe adding at least PSE capabilities to LR to add value but not infringe on Photoshop’s more capabilities. 


                          This hybrid of persistent-bitmaps and recomputed-on-the-fly adjustments has existed in Photoshop for several versions in the form of smart-objects where you can double-click on one of those and get to the ACR-adjustments, so perhaps it is time for Lightroom to get the added capability of persistence with layers and masks.