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    Question about layering text over an image

    Ruby Grape

      Hi -- I am trying to place a layer of text over a ghosted image that I've imported into ID from Photoshop.  By "ghosted" I mean that the image has a layer of white fill over it that has been set at 50% opacity.  ID won't let text be layered on top of the imported image, no matter how many different ways I've tried to accomplish this.  It will allow another image to be layered on top, but not text.  If I place a text frame over the ghosted image and type even one letter, the red text overset warning icon appears.

      I tried applying the text in Photoshop and that works just fine until the file gets imported into ID, at which point the text looks terrible, having become somehow degraded in transit.  I am fairly new to ID and PS, and would appreciate any helpful input.