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    Export from final into photoshop then reimport into final cut problem

    Laure Carnet

      Hello there,

      I shall explain my problem.

      I am working with three different programs. Finla cut 7, photoshop, and after effects.

      I have taken a jpeg still from final cut to work in photoshop.

      In phtoshop I have layered a project to work in after effects to make an animation.

      The animation is then exported back from after effects into final cut.

      When I do this I realise that the dimensions of the animation differs from the original sequence from where the still was taken.

      I work with PAL.

      The still from the sequence is 768 x 576. I create a still using 'export- Using quick time conversion'. I do not understand why the image obtained does not have the format 720x576 as it says the film sequences have in final cut pro settings.

      When I edit it in photoshop, I create an image that has the 'film-video' setting but the image still does not match the frame. I have noticed there was the setting PAL1/DV square pixel but it still does not match the original format after editing in after effect.



      Why is this?

      Thank you