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    text - Foreground texture/image

      Hey, I'm a C++ programmer, never actually done web development, but downloaded the Flex SDK yesterday. I have a very basic question, that I nevertheless need an answer to, if possible.

      In C++ using microsoft GDI+ for graphics for example, you can instantiate a TextureBrush and use it for drawing text. The texture brush is constructed with some aribtrary bitmap you specify. When the text appears it is drawn with that texture.

      I need to know if they same sort of thing can be done with Flex. I'm going through the object hierarchy, but its rather complex. I know there's references to skins, AlphaFocus, AlphaBackground, BackgroundImage, and the like, But I still can't tell for certain whether Flex can do what I want to do, or if I need to go another route. Surely someone can answer this question. I posted this over in general discussion but it was buzzed right over without reply.

      Actually, I'd like to be able to have a both a background image (which I assume *must* be possible) for a control (like TextArea) as well as a foreground texture/brush/skin used to actually draw the text.

      Is this possible?

      Thank you very much.