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    Dreamweaver check in- no CPS action?


      I'm completely new to the world of CPS, but have so far managed to create a custom web service in ASP.NET that logs everything that's going on to a database, where I intend to do a hundred million things with it. But I digress.

      When users are in Contribute, it works fine. Edits result in an edit action being sent. Publishing results in a publish action, so on. However, in Dreamweaver, the "Check In" action does nothing. Check out results in an edit action (As I'd expect), but there's no publish to go with Check In.

      Any ideas why? I've tried using the Sniffer, and literally nothing is being sent to the CPS server upon Dreamweaver check in!
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          AlastairC12 Level 1
          Right, I found out my problem, or at least the start of it.

          I wasn't editing the page before checking it in- I was being lazy and just checking out then immediately checking in! So if the page is edited, then a publish action is sent successfully.

          Of course, there's still a problem. If the publish action is never sent, then the records I have will be incorrect- it'll show them as still checked out by a user that has since published them. Any ideas on how to force it to send a publish (or an undoCheckOut?) in this case?