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    Storge solution Help

    klfi Level 1

      I need help in my storage solution.


      running Win764bit, ASUS P9X79 WS.

      Areca 1882ix-24/28port 3.Gen is running and supports  3 raid cofigurations. (2xRaid for fast work, 1x for quick intermediate backup).


      I use 2 final-external  backups

      1x QNAP-NAS connected via LAN (slow)

      1x Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX (5x 4TB Seagate constellation ES.3, Raid 10=mirrored with 1xhot spare)


      My problem is the connection of Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX to my NLE ASUS P9X79 WS: http://www.addonics.com/products/rt55snhx.php

      a. Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX has internal a port multiplier

      b. Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX has 1 output eSATA


      When i connect Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX output eSATA and use Addonics eSata to USB 3 converter-stick everything works fine. (http://www.addonics.com/products/adu3esa.php)

      Now i want for increasing backup-speed connect  Adoonics 5-Tower RT55SNHX output eSATA    to a NLE ASUS P9X79 WS input eSATA (http://www.addonics.com/technologies/tutorial_pm.php)


      In my understanding Addonics says in this case  a eSATA controller-card (or somethng like that)  which supports multiport function has to be used on  ASUS P9X79 WS.


      Who has a proper solution, how i can handle this problem?


      thanks for help, Klaus



      UPDATE, after posting i found this 4 Port eSATA II RAID5/JBOD PCI-E 8x Controller



      will this  solve the problem.  Whill there be maybe a conflict with ARECA 1882ix 




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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Why not use a SFF-8088 multilane cable from the Areca to the 4 disks in the Addonics tower and adding the hot-spare internally, bypassing any raid controller in the Addonics case?

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            I see it you have an awesome PC, awesome controller card, and big fast external drives. However, you have them in the RT55snhx which is throttling through a single eSATA port.


            I would suggest dumping the Addonics 5-tower and go with a JBOD enclosure that supports SFF-8088 mini-SAS external cables. That way, each of the drives will get its own SATA port.


            Specifically, you could buy and move your 5 drives to something like the following:

            (1) Sans Digital 8-bay SAS/SATA Compact Tower (TR8X+B, $399 at Newegg in USA); this comes with 2 SFF-8088 cables too, and they are pretty expensive by themselves

            (1) Addonics Dual Mini SAS converter (AD2EMSPCI $44 per their web site); this will fit in a PCI slot and convert 4 SATA connections to the SFF-8088 style mini-SAS on the back of your PC. Your Areca has one SFF-8088 port already, and you will need to use at least one more to connect all 5 drives externally (your 5 x 4TB Seagate ES.3 drives)


            There are more durable and much more expensive external SFF-8088 connected tower solutions, but for backup purposes I think you will be very well served by the Sans Digital. I personally own one and while it is rather flimsy compared to SuperMicro hot-swap 5x3 bays in my PC, it does get the job done as an external box. My Areca controler cards sees the drives in this tower just the same as it seems them as internal drives in my PC.


            I would suggest a RAID 5 array for your backup set. With those drives and an array in your PC that is as good or stonger, you should be able to do backups at sustained speeds of around 400 to 600 MB/s.





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              JEShort01 Level 4



              Looks like we just cross-posted! At least we have the same thought for Klaus .



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                klfi Level 1

                Thanks Harm and Jim,


                safty is VERY important. Too loose historical media-stuff  would be horrible. I am afraid about this.


                As i am not very much experianced i have first to find out, what you exaclty mean and how i can handle your suggestions - and will search for this products. I hope, you allow me to come back.


                Thanks a lot.



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Basically our suggestions boil down to getting a single SFF-8088 cable, which connects to the external connector on the back of the Areca card. At the other end it breaks out into 4 SATA connectors, hence the name a forward break out cable. These SATA connectors are similar to the SFF-8087 forward breakout cables you use internally. In this way you can connect 4 of the 5 disks in the Addonics box and bypass the Addonics card completely. The fifth disk must then be installed internally and in the Areca setup you can define that disk as a hot-spare for the 4 external disks.

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                    klfi Level 1

                    Jim, may i come back.


                    following your suggestion Nr 2 the following is necessary:

                    A.) Addonice 5 Tower:

                    Cable from 4 SATA Dirves to Dual mini SAS converter


                    Dual mini SAS converter



                    B.) Connect 5-tower to PC:

                    1x External mini SAS - Infiniband (Multiane) cable



                    C.) PC

                    1x AD4SAML-PCI - (4X Multilane for host controller)



                    D.) PC to Areca 1882

                    4x SATA (red) cable


                    Pls have a look, if i understood this right.


                    As i understand, in this configuration all 4 TB drives (in Tower) will be controlled by Areca 1882 with raid setting (example raid 5 as y suggested).


                    What does Harm mean.

                    "......and adding the hot-spare internally, bypassing any raid controller in the Addonics case".

                    Does he mean - use 1 Seagate  4 TB as a 1 hot spare (created by Areca1882) for all Areca Raids ?


                    Thanks for help


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                      klfi Level 1

                      Thanks Harm,

                      i tried to summarise reight at same time. My i please you to have a look ?


                      So my connections Nr C.) and D.) are wrong ?

                      Does this mean the infinity cabel is not fixed at the PC - case. ...or has to be fixed "by hand" ?



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7



                        The SFF cable has only 4 connections, but you have 5 drives, so that is why I suggested to mount one disk internally, simply because the external connections lack the fifth one you want to use as a hot-spare.

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                          klfi Level 1


                          this i understood.

                          Areca controlls

                          a.) 1x Raid 0 5TB projects , media, stuff

                          b.) 1x Raid 0 5TB render, Cache, After Effects cache + exports which will be saved regularely

                          c.) 1x  Raid 0 3 TB quick intermediate savings


                          d.) + now 1x 5-Tower (raid 5 4x4TB)


                          Will 1x 4TB areca hot spare (as y suggested) protect all 4 raids or only 5-Tower raid?


                          Somy points Nr C.) and D.) are not necessary ?



                          Sorry Harm, i found  -- (CN1) SAS 25-28 Ports (External) SFF-8088 -- at areca connection

                          Very big a back side.....


                          My brain is working, my eyes are closed .... to much cable-things





                          UPDATE Nr 2

                          Sorry Harm,

                          i thik i have it.

                          Y explained abouve "use hot spare for the 4-tower drive.


                          Also my point Nr B.) is wrong becouse not needed


                          Thanks klaus






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                            klfi Level 1

                            UPDATE 3.2.2013


                            thanks Harm (and Jim JEShort01) for earlier recommendations.

                            SFF-8088 multilane cable from the Areca to 4 disks -external Addonics 5 tower arrived, are installed and work PEFECT  +/- 550 Mbts. (Areca 4x4TB Raid5+1x4TB HotSpare = external Archive).


                            May i ask for your recommendations about my new drive setup (C/:SSD 240, 3930k OC 4,3-102,3 x 42  64 GB-2180 feq):



                            I have:

                            1x reserved slot for inermediate in/out HDDs-mainboard-connected


                            13x free 3,5 Areca-slots, 3x2TB WD-GP, 13x1TB Samsung Spinpoint F-1


                            I need:

                            P./ intermediate savings  for Z/

                            X/ Cache_Render_Reviews_Pagefile (=98 GB ???)

                            Z/ Projects, Media, Musik, Fotos, stuff.



                            NLE ist not used for long savings only intermediat. After finishing project all files -media were exportet to extern Archive.

                            X/ will ot be saved

                            Z./ is saved regularely to P/intermediate savings.

                            Exports (final) also go to external Arcive.

                            Drives will be filld to max  50-60%


                            How shall  setup





                            Thanks for your help