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    Texture memory settings (GTX680 4GB card)

    dogmatic73 Level 1



      I have just upgraded to a new Windows 7 machine (Intel 3930K, 32gb ram) with a EVGA GTX680 card with 4gb of ram and I would like to know what the ideal texture memory (prefs -> previews -> fast previews -> gpu information) setting would be.

      Currently it is set at 1614mb (standard AE setting).

      According to AE I have 3,94 GB total memory (in the OpenGL settings), 3,51 GB Current usable memory (at app launch) and 4,00 GB max usable memory (both in the CUDA settings).


      I'm trying to get as much as possible out of my GPU but I don't want to start experimenting with the texture memory setting so if anyone is knowledgeable about these settings, I would appreciate the input.